“Resonant Easel”

I lumbered my possessions and went for a ride today,

It was the sound of the alarm that said let’s go.

That little voice inside kept saying where to ride.

No destination in mind nor attachments at my side

Be it bus, plane, or auto…. take me by….

The sound of ocean waves cascading

in quantum patterns arcading amongst the skies.

Over the borders of a Pacific Ocean type of passion…nothing specific in my spectrum other than love and laughter.

Stamps in a passport support the thought of many terminals to pass all while entering a new chapter.

Sentiments manifest symbols of safe travels to a destination nostalgic of freedom at last,

As my needs consist of little… a window seat and cool breeze.

Sand tingling between my toes relaxed near any of the seven seas.

Skin tones absorb the hue of ancestors and other reflections in life.

All calming to the latest Budos Band, the caravan of sandals and bare feet greeting granules of miniscule fascinations.

A peaceful attraction to see these sounds reign subliminally through me.

(c)Thermal Words

Photo: Viva Wyndham Resort – La Romana, Dominican Republic

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