The Use of Words

I don’t write much anymore,

because there is no use of words if they go unheard.

Reflecting vibrations of immaculate celebrations…life

So many fail to listen.. when it’s their own Enlightenment, their own futures, their own path they’re missing.

I guess that’s why I scribe less because these words are more than just some bullshit phrases…integrated along lines; filling blank pages.

There’s no need to write when the very point I’ve made goes unscathed, or even worst misinterpreted or relayed in some unjust way.

I could speak all day but if these words aren’t heard then what’s the use anyway.

You see a wordsmith in me but to meΒ  it’s more than the way the pen is gripped

and gracefully glides across the paper as gently as I stroke her thighs in the midnight hour.

You see…to me, it’s more than the move my hands make across the keyboard tapping the space bar as if it were her backing up to me,

Or the way the keystrokes return mind control as our eye contact arise every time she sees potential in me.

You see…you don’t understand my faculty…so I don’t write much as these words don’t mean to the same to you as they do me.

(C)Thermal Words 2013

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