(drumroll) “The Writers”…maybe??

So after months of procrastination and hundreds of monkey wrenches being thrown I’ve decided to start onto my first ever fiction novel.

The novel tells the story of London,  a suave lady killer.  He recaps his life from childhood barely knowing his deceased father who was adorned as a player and elite mercenary to their link in an elite society known as The Decree.  Founded during the Civil War, this organization has now gone on to become an international literary publisher. But as with most large entities, there is also a dark side to this prominent corporation.  On his journey, he aims to find out not only who his father truly was…but also who he  is. From Atlanta to Miami its a battle within himself.  Accompanied by Chakita, his loyal but spiteful partner and fling;  they may find a little more than answers….

Maybe I’ll share a few excerpts later…

Action Romance Thriller Sci-Fi Drama…???  IDK..a damn god book…how’s that..lol

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