Sea, The captivation…

DSC_0441 copythe captivation

While at sea I lost a thought today,
that very moment when seas blend to skies
smiles to turn frowns and lens turn to eyes.
The melody of the sea knows more of my mind’s smiles than I could ever see
While the world frowns & hopelessly drowns
I’m fond of the way the sea seems to understand and see the peace in me.

It’s not too often you get beautiful views of the sea before a storm. This picture was taken with my Nikon D3000 in La Romana, Dominican Republic. A fairly inexpensive escape for couples and families alike; it boasts a relaxing yet colorful palette of great food, cervezas, and attractions. Flights land at the international airport in Punta Cana which is about 35-40 miles away. Ground transportation is available via the airport but most hotels may provide for any additional costs.


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